. . . fully after the LORD                  I Kings 11:6                      by Steve Flinchum

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If Ye Love Me, Keep My Commandments

    A Brief Study of the Perseverance and Preservation of Blood-Bought Believers and How They Are To Regard the Ten Commandments

A Great Mystery

    A Defense of Chain-Link Church Succession from a Sovereign Grace Landmark Baptist Perspective

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New Bethel Baptist Church                     Coy Cox, Pastor                           Somerset, KY

Landmark Baptist Church                        Greg Wilson, Pastor                      Archer, FL

The Lord's Baptist Church                       Larry Killion, Pastor                      Tacoma, WA

Berea Baptist Church                              Milburn Cockrell, Pastor                Mantachie, MS

Bryan Station Baptist Church                   Alfred Gormley, Pastor                  Lexington, KY